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Residential Roofing

Whether you need a roof repair or a roof replacement the experts at Alibaba Roofing are here for you.

Roof Replacement

New Jersey homeowners have trusted Alibaba Roofing for residential roof replacement for more than 10 years.

Roof Repair

Residential roof repair services are essential for maintaining the integrity and longevity of your home’s roof.

Storm Damage Repair

Storm damage repair services are essential for restoring the integrity and safety of your roof.

Asphalt Shingles

Our company can repair your asphalt shingles or perform a tear-off and reroof your house or commercial property if it is time for a replacement.

Metal Roofing

We are committed to providing high-quality services, using only the best materials, and ensuring that our clients are satisfied.

Copper Roofing

Alibaba Roofing professionals have experience working with copper roofing and can provide references from satisfied customers.

Cedar Shingles

Cedar shingles are a popular roofing material and Alibaba Roofing has the right expertise to help you with any cedar shingle repairs needed

Slate Roofing

Our team of skilled and experienced roofers can replace individual damaged slates, fix leaks, repair flashings, and other necessary repairs to keep your roof in top condition.

Tile Roofing Shingles

Tile roofing shingles are very durable and they last long, but like any roofing material, they may eventually need repairs or replacement.

Flat Roofing

Alibaba Roofing specializes in flat roofing systems for both commercial and residential buildings. We are committed to providing the best quality.

HOA Roofing

If you’re a resident who is a member of a Homeowners Association, your roofing system may either be covered by your HOA dues or your responsibility to maintain.

Commercial Roofing

Our team consists of commercial roofers who specialize roof replacement services in New Jersey. We will handle everything from the tear-off to the finishing touches and cleanup.

Commercial Roof Repair

If we identify any leaks, weaknesses, or other defects, we will help you explore your commercial roof repair options and then carry out a restoration that you can count on.

EPDM Flat Roofing

EPDM is a synthetic rubber flat roofing membrane made to last for decades. Ethylene propylene diene monomer is incredibly resistant to acids, pollution, and sunlight. Contact us to discuss your commercial roofing needs.

TPO Flat Roofing

TPO roofing should last upwards of 20 years before it needs to be replaced by professionals. Lightweight and resistant to heat transfer, TPO roofing has grown in popularity over the last several years.

Metal Roofing

Commercial buildings, especially those with large low-slope roofs, often rely on metal roofing to protect the property. Providing durability and low maintenance, standing seam metal roofing is very popular.


Gutters are an essential part of your roofing system preventing damage. We offer gutter replacements, repair, and cleaning so that your property stays protected from harmful water damage.

Gutter Repairs

Many home and business owners don’t think about their gutters until it is too late. Like most exterior parts of your property, regular maintenance is recommended to ensure everything is working properly.

Seamless Gutters

Your rain gutters are one of the most important components of your roofing system. They capture the runoff water and direct it away from your windows, doors, walls, and foundation preventing damage.

Copper Gutters

Gutters accent the roofline of your property. While most homes and businesses opt for a standard white aluminum gutter, those with historic homes or that want to stand out may opt for copper gutters


Do you need assistance in cleaning out a dirty chimney? We are your one stop shop. Our experts specialize in all your chimney needs from inspections to rebuilds for residential and commercial.

Chimney Repairs

Keep your chimney safe and in proper working condition, through our professional chimney repair and replacement services in and around New Jersey. We understand the ins and outs of chimney repair.

Chimney Replacement

Our New Jersey masonry services cover the outdoor areas of your home, but they can be applied to create custom-made fireplaces and chimneys. Do you need an old chimney to be replaced?

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